• Cause your a freak!!! Joking, I have heard of the possiblity, but never ever heard of it actually happening. Something about your body rejecting the foriegn object, and growing it out and off... I'd guess
  • It is pierced too shallow, or your jewelry is the wrong shaped and puts pressure on the fistula, or your navel is just a bad shape for piercing. Whatever the reason, a piercing rejects when it's less effort for your body to kill the skin on top and heal that than to heal the flesh around the jewelry. If it's rejecting, take it out, because it usually leaves a large scar.
  • i had the same thing happen to me twice. not sure why either. wanted to find out.
  • Your body is rejecting it. It's either something to do with your actual navel not being right for it, or your getting the wrong type of jewlery.

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