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  • I like both older can teach me things and know what they want but younder have that playful innocents about them
  • My partner for the past 20+ years is younger than I. I've only had one older partner, and she taught me much.
  • I love older men. They seem to pay more attention to my needs in bed than younger gentlemen. They are wiser. And, from my experience, kinkier :)
  • I love older men !!! they are not in a rush....
  • my age (mis-20's)
  • I like older we are stayers, willing to try things and don't just want that quick release all the time. I like to make sure a lady is looked after.....
  • Younger, then they can keep up with me!
  • Depends on their gender. I prefer older guys, 10 years or so my senior (although now that I'm into my late 20's, I am starting to be able to tolerate guys my age) I prefer women closer to my age.
  • Am sure younger. Why? I am finding them more attractive in many ways.
  • For me, its primarily an issue of maturity, not so much physicality. Her emotional age trumps her physical age every time, hence my experience tends to involve older women...but I have met some exceptions.
  • ---------------younger girls are the best they just make life more fun
  • Younger men (for me that means maybe under 50) are more able and willing to be vital, vigorous, and positive partners. But I hasten to add that because I do identify more with men my own age I do more often naturally choose older partners. As I now receive less interest from younger men than I did even a few years ago.
  • Both. It depends less on age than on how much they enjoy sex and if I find the woman physically attractive. My gf is a year younger than I am and sex with her is amazing. However, in my early 20's, I dated for a while a woman in her early 60s. She was amazing!! I thought she was so sophisticated and incredibly sexy. She knew how to light my fire and she was so much more experienced than I was - and when she had an orgasm you knew it!! Shy she was not. With a younger woman, as a man, I am able to feel more dominant and that is important to me. Their naked bodies are so amazing to me and in a lot of ways, sex is more a sharing experience where, with an older woman, I felt like a pupil - albeit a VERY willing pupil and not an unhappy one. Bottom line I guess I just love women and I love sex. After that, it is all a question of what I find sexy and age is not an issue. Funny thing, though, I don't consider myself gay, but I have had one gay experience back in the day - and I know that I don't like older guys. Gotta be younger or at least my age for me to find them sexy.
  • Hubby is about 5-6 years younger.

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