• Little of both, in my case. I love being here in East Texas with my new wife, but I miss my children and grandchildren in North Carolina terribly. So holidays are somewhat bittersweet.
  • I wish it did Doodle, I will be spending the day alone . I should have been traveling so I sould not have had a wonderful meal anyway.
  • A little of both at my house also. I usually spend it with the "in-laws" (fun, good food, no pressure), but I miss seeing my Mom and GrandMa (who doesn't have much time left), because my side of the family ALWAYS plays "mind games", ridiculing me for supposed faults, and always telling me how I should live my life! Good grief ... I am a 50 year old grown adult, with a big family of my own! I don't need to be told what I should be doing with my life anymore, yet my family thinks they "know it all"!
  • I usually have a huge Thanksgving with lots of family here. This year, it will only be my husband and I and our youngest daughter with a party the next day. I always enjoy the holiday.
  • Happy blah!!! My favorite holiday!
  • This year will be a little bittersweet without Mom, but it will still be family getting together so I expect it to be happy.
  • Happy for the huge family and all the friends and relatives and sad for those and because of those who are no longer there.
  • Sad that I'll be at work and I don't have a huge family.
  • I feel very sad and lonely this year.
  • In the past years I have been VERY happy and VERY thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, but this year it's going to be a little lonely. Mom's gone & brothers & sister doing their on thing. So it's me, hubby and kids....& I am thankful that I still have them

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