• i think the they should not be realistic bacause they are SUPER HEROS. they should be very diffent to humans. others wise they would just be boring and you would not want to watch them save the world.
  • Realistic is rarely super yo...
  • a little of both. the best powers are those that are amazing but rou could believe that in some universe slightly different then our own they could be real. I always perfered the powers that have an explanation and quantified rules, like the hulk gaining mass from an extra dimensional source or that cyclops absorbed sunlight and metabolized it into the energy that shoots from his eyes. and i hated the powers where people created something out of nothing (like crystal from thin air with no reason) or things like Green lanterns power ring that could do anything the user could imagine. why not just imagine no more violance?
  • I have to say that was an unrealistic question. If they are "super heroes," what would be the point of average guy powers? In what way could they be viewed as super? In what way could they be viewed as interesting? In what way could they interest anyone to buy the comic books or see the movies? If they didn't have super powers you either have to take away super powers of the bad guys which makes the warfare just thugs and cops on the streets in the hood or the bad guys keep their powers and always win. Go find your logic, you lost it somewhere.

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