• Public schools should have safegaurds in place to prevent students from accessing improper websites. They should definately have disciplinary action for braeking the rules of internet usage. Private schools can do what they want.
  • They do, privet and public, my good friend the the head of a schools districts computer and networking department (I think that is what it is called) and he is able to see what the kids are looking at and make judgment calls on weather they are being malicious or not i.e google images (you never know what is going to pop up on that) they usually have inapporpriate sites block anyway
  • They do, and they should.
  • Absolutely yo...
  • Yes, and so should parents at home. But more importantly children should follow the rules and do what they are told. For some inexplicable reason adults are choosing to cripple their children by protecting them from the consequences of THEIR CHOICES AND ACTIONS. This causes them to turn into delinquent brats that eventually fill up the prisons. Why would a parent groom their child for prison by telling them they did nothing wrong instead of teaching them the consequences of THEIR CHOICES AND ACTIONS?
  • Schools should not let kids be online unless it's specifically for class. And no phones.
  • Definitely YES. But I think the best suggestion would be to put something like parental control on the computers inside the school wherein the children can only access the NEEDED sites or apps specifically related to the education.
  • I think the best thing would be without computers. and no cell phones.Let kids learn as they should.
    • Linda Joy
      I strongly disagree. When I was in the Navy they knew they couldn't teach us everything, so they wrote manuals and taught us how to find the information we need. Children need to be taught the many different ways to learn and which way they learn best. I've learned more online than I ever learned in any classroom! Those who don't learn online may as well go back to the caves!
  • To some extent, yes.
  • probably
  • Of course and you don't punish a student you alter their behavior

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