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  • Dude: One word: Peri-menopausal. This is around the time they go from happy female, cuddly, stand-by-their-man and turn into the "I wonder..... "Why did I marry this guy, why didn't I be a stewardess like I always dreamt about, he has held me back, etc." Because you are: 1: A man 2: There to blame You will experience Ms. Jekyll and U better hide! If you cannot hide, run, scram, etc, get her on meds-hormones, anti depressants, etc. Been there last year, done it, and got the t-shirt. She went from the TRUE TRUE TRUE love o' my life to the freakin' Bride of Frankenstein. It still kills me inside. Time heals all wounds, I hope.
  • I dont know about women in their 50's but I know a numbr of ladies in their 40's that act like they are in their teens
  • I am 47 and buddy.....I would hurt you....LOL.....I don't think I am out of the norm either....I pity the poor fool who is my next victim....LOL....
  • I am in my 40s...and I absolutely LOVE sex. Not sure who you surveyed, but that is definitely not the case with me. :-)
  • Hmmm very very strange...who are these women? I don't think they live in my
  • You know, I just might be hanging out with the wrong women. You all give me hope.
  • I don't know either but I have observed the same thing. Not only that but they attempt to be an unsexy as they can be in their manners and dress.
  • I LOVE sex!!!

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