• Men aren't hurt by words too easily. Just think of the things we say to each other, I really doubt you could come up with something that hits home without fail. The only things that come to mind would be calling a proud father or family man something to the contrary. Telling a man he's a bad father is pretty harsh, so you might not want to go down that road.
  • that word does not exist
  • My ex-girlfriend called me "Baldy", after we broke up, if she didn't like bald men, why did she go with me for 2 years anyway. Go figure!@#$%?
  • Aren't feminine words used to insult men?
  • I can't think of a single word women can use, just a combination of words, or expressions. If a woman tells a guy that her new boyfriend gives her more orgasms than the guy she's talking to ever did, that's an insult. Looking at a guy naked and giggling while pointing to his crotch, that's an insult.
  • Fartmachine
  • Words, in and of themselves, don't cause men pain. It depends on who speaks them and in what context. You could call me a fat slob (which I may actually be) and it would mean nothing to me. If my wife said it in a fit of anger, it would cut me to the core.
  • I am sure there are some women who believe they have insulted me but I always feel a little chuckle inside like when a kid calls me dodo head. Normally the insults are just blatantly false often centering around how stupid I am (meaningless blathering from bitter women).
  • I dunno. Effeminate? ;-)
  • a psycho,nutter or a freak arent very nice words to be called,are they unisex insults though.other ones are swear words which I wont write on here which sound like a manly sounding agressive insulting words.
  • Needle dick, no balls, or batting with no balls.
  • Ball Less
  • Believe me women dont need tricks or words, the most damaging thing in a womans arsenal is 'that tone of voice'. Every man recognises it & every woman can do it!
  • In all honesty - no names trully insult me - I don't know why but they never seem to upset me.

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