• Absolutely, it stops them coming to the UK ;) Seriously though, I think you need to look at individual cases and judge by that, it's difficult to just say 'yes' or 'no'.
  • I LOVE that answer. DEFINITELY keep them America has more space
  • Absolutely, America is a land of opportunity that was founded by prosecuted emmigrants from Europe who settled illegally.
  • No. They should be rounded up and pay for their own deportation.
  • Yes they should remain.
  • difficult to answer for the simple fact that i wouldn't want to see those good hard-working people deported without first trying to understand their side of the argument. however, they're not all Saints coming over that border, what about the criminal element, like those vicious murdering drug cartels. do we extend a hand of friendship with the criminal element too? and what about the millions of gang members from groups like MS 13? if we don't start enforcing those immigration laws that are already on the books to protect our sovereignty, then we shall become a Third World country,and the violent crime in our streets will escalate to the point of madness.
  • no. ILLEGAL is illegal. They broke the law coming here why does everything think they won't break the law while they are here. Many immigrants have come here legally..why can't they.. can they not pass the background felony check so they come here and commit crimes and now with the new laws in place. they will NEVER get in trouble. I have no problem with them trying to better their life BUT if that was their sole purpose they would come in legally.
  • We are all illegals & only the native americans should stay.
  • Pack 'em up and ship 'em out.
  • No, Criminal Aliens should be deported, and it is even more important now with less jobs to be had for Americans that criminal aliens be returned home.
  • You need to read up and learn about the Undergroud Aztlan and Reconquista Movement. Their long term goal is to overthrow the US Goverment through means of enlarging their demographic presence in America. Send them back before the US turns in to a corrupt Mexico; oh, wait it's already happening.
  • Living in AZ, I know first NO no, not at ALL!!!!!
  • illegal immigrants are the least of our concerns. This pattern has repeated itself several times in American history. Immigrants are an easy scapegoat. Any drain they have on the economy is offset by the money they pour back into the economy and the cheap labor they provide. Pointing fingers at illegals is a classic method of distracting us from our more serious issues. Seriously, outside of simply not liking them, what has an illegal ever done to you personally? I know some people can make a claim, but the vast majority of us will answer nothing with some of us ignoring the fact that I said directly and give some long rant that has nothing to do with them personally. hatred of illegal aliens has always been about racism and always will be.
  • You mean everyone except native Americans?
  • Everyone sould have to go thru' the system and become a legal immigrant. That's is how the immigration system was set up and that's how it should work.
  • Why not Obama is allowed to remain here and profit from his illegalities!
  • Stop any more from coming .try to help the ones that are here.THey WILL go home.Staying here is not part of the plan 80 % OF The time.
  • Anyone who is not a Native American is an illegal immigrant. They come here because they want a better life. No one should be denied that.
  • In 1845, when the Famine struck Ireland, half the population upped and left to avoid starvation and death. At the time we were shunned and not accepted to live in society with 'Americans', 'Australians', and many other cities, e.g London, refused to help or even acknowledge their part in the disaster. U.S. immigration records indicate that by 1850, the Irish made up 43 percent of the foreign-born population. New York now had more Irish-born citizens than Dublin. During the process of deportation, there should be a complete inquiry into the status of the country from which the immigrant comes, because a deportation notice can often be a death sentence. If we had been turned away from the countries that accepted us, God knows how many Irish citizens would have died.
  • NO, so I guess Obama is going to have to leave very soon!
  • No!! This is why everything is so bad right now.I cannot believe Americans have allowed it to go on this long.10 years ago,it seemed like mostly mexican so mamen here,well nothing was done to get them out,so now they have their entire family here getting every kind of aid our country offers....and doing it WITHOUT social security cards.There is no work in the town I live in,but they sure have jobs.Our Schools cater to the mexican children who cant speak english.It is unreal what is happening.Some jobs require you to speak spanish to work there.We have a mexican store and taco stand on every corner.Where do they get the money for that?If AMERICANS dont do something soon,I dont know what we will do.I dont know where to start,if I did,i sure would.They are rude to Americans,so many look at us like we have invaded their country,only it's our country...well,it used to be anyway.
  • If they're contributing to the economy, YES. Can we really afford to send them all back?
  • Considering your nation was built entirely on immigration and forcibly removing the original inhabitants of the land, it amazes me that modern America seems so hostile to people who share in the immigration mindset of your founders.
  • If they have taken US citizens as spouses (and even had children with them), they shouldn't be forced to leave. It is reprehensible that families are being torn apart. But I have zero sympathy for gangbangers and criminals. There are some sneaky, low-down tricks that ICE is dealing at the borders. Would you believe me if I told you that it takes at least two years for many illegals to finish the process because of all the red tape? Would you believe me if I told you that most of these illegals barely have enough money to pay the hefty fees required to get legal, much less afford legal representation? Assuming you believe me so far, then listen to this. They are now arresting illegals at the border ON THIER WAY to thier appointments. Illegals are trying their best to do what is right, have paid all that money, and are being DETAINED at the border to ensure that they miss that final appointment. If they miss the appointment, they must be backlogged, which takes another year's worth of waiting. Once that happens, they have an arrest record, and can then be banned for life. On the plus side, it sure is nice getting all that money from poor people. +5
  • Yes, most of America is immigrants, they just need to legalize them.
  • Why not. With the exception of the crimminals I would have to ask who would do all our dirty work. Lets face it most american born are too prissy for hard labor. I know, I am. I'll do food stamps before I clean out toilets. I've been there and done that and we are just to nasty for me to ever do it again.
  • Big Business/Cheap labor? I don't think what WE want is going to make a difference.
  • I mean yes, we would have to round up the whole country, except for the Native Americans. What we should do is work on solving the problem. 1. Why are the illegal immigrants coming here? Because people here need them, pay them enough compared to where they come from, and they do the work we don't want to do. 2. Why can't they stay in their country. I think this is where we could really make a difference--work with their governments so they could take care of their own people. Also quit using their people for cheap labor when we have our companies in their countries. 3. Work on making them citizens of the US, if their children were born here. It would be difficult to separate families. 4. Have the media report positive about the illegal immigrants so that no hate crimes occur. What they learn here, they will take back to their country. 5. We have the law of supply and demand. If it works for drugs it works for other things. What have we done about illegal drugs? Nothing.
  • What choice do the legal citizens have? What are you going to do with 20 + million illegal immigrants? Their numbers are dramatically growing. The Feds are doing absolutely nothing on the number of illegals entering the country. the Border Patrol is a joke. Bring the National Guard back home from countries we have no business being in and protect our borders. We are going wake up one day and find the illegals have taken over America, without firing a shot.
  • No!!!!!!
  • Just the ones that are already in jail. Send the others home.
  • I can't believe the answers I'm reading. The word "illegal" says all that needs to be said. They came here illegally so they need to be deported. You bleeding hearts who know nothing about immigration law (or just don't care to know - which makes you an even worse threat to society) should educate yourselves on a few things. One, there is a LEGAL process for becoming a US citizen. Second, there is not another country in the world that does not have immigration laws to protect its borders and laws to protect the integrity of its elections. You have to be citizens to vote in other countries' elections, but apparently, it's okay to flood America's elections with illegal votes from people of other nationalities that have no vested interest in US policies other than the freebies offered by a corrupt political party that knows nothing about economics nor are they loyal to their own country.
  • They need the opportunity to become citizens since many have been here for years and they have families here.
    • Kevin1960
      What about people who have stood in line for years to LEGALLY become American citizens? Do they just get pushed aside?
  • Absolutely! And, they should be encamped physically and financially to every Democrat who allowed them in.

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