• Kind of. I won the Recognition Award for Relentless Dedication, Commitment, and Perseverance in Achieving One's Goals, when I graduated from college. So, it's kind of related to work anyways.
  • Star employee about four times.:)
  • You asked a GREAT Q! I don't have many, but the ones i earned, I cherish. My very first job I earned "Employee of the Month" on two different occasions. At the Culinary Institute of America, I was awarded a "Certificate of Excellence for Perfect Attendance" for my freshman year. I was given a book. At the first position I had after graduation, I was recognized for my dependability and innovativeness. One of my mentors complimented me on the "Creative Approach to Tenant Screening and Selection". At one of the management positions I held for a small, 16-unit restaurant chain, I was part of the team which was awarded a "Certificate of Excellence for Maintaining Effective Food Cost Percentages". We were awarded with dinner "on the house" at one of Pennsylvania's leading seafood houses. There were 30 of us from different stores/units. Someone asked Jerry, one of the owners, what we were limited to. "Ladies and gentlemen, you can have whatever you want. You earned and you deserve it." That's all we had to hear! Dom Perignon champagne "flowed like water". The following week Jerry came into the store for our weekly meeting. No one asked, but he insisted on sharing the information: As a group, we ran up a bar and food check in excess of $3,000. About 4 months later, the stores started closing - one after another. At the hospital where I do volunteer work, in the hospital's monthly newsletter, I was recognized, by name, as one of the folks who helped to make patients' stay and rehabilitation more enjoyable. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, New Haven, CT campus. Was in the Food and Beverage business over 26 years. In the real estate business over 34 years in Pennsylvania. THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL real estate investment group in the world, which I was very proud to be a member of! Was in the air freight business for 8 years. Trading stocks and options more than 3 years. TWO [2] of THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST wonderful trading groups in the world, which I am most proud to be a member of! My terrific teachers, instructors, professors, mentors and coaches! On a regular, dependable basis, I volunteer at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • I won 3rd place for the best feature (front page) picture in a college paper in our state. It was totally awesome! I was hoping...but not expecting it.
  • Walk a thon for charity and working for 18 years with one company
  • Hi Cog!! I received star employee about 3-4 times. I can't remember what it was for. Hope you going great!!!!
  • I only have a few official awards. Employee of the Quarter and Technical Achievement awards from companies that no longer exist. Medals from the military that I didn't deserve, and other medals they should've given me. My greatest awards are the spoken and unspoken thanks of those I've helped with their lives or careers. And I have the same gratitude to those who have done that for me. Thanks. And get well soon love.

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