• Start by using to scan your system and find what kind of memory you need. You can buy it from there (it's pretty reasonable and always guaranteed) or use the details they give you to buy from ebay or anywhere else. Fitting the ram is fairly easy but make sure you buy an antistatic grounding wrist strap or make a chain of paperclips from your wrist to the PSU or you may damage your components.
  • The simplest way is to go here: download the scanner and run it. You'll be presented with your upgrade options.
  • Your better off getting a new one. Many older models are no longer being susupported. And you can get s new one fairly inexpensively these days
  • First check the computer manufacturer's website for your exact model specifications. Even similar looking models can vary in maximum amount of memory. If it's very old and uses DDR2 memory, you might even find it difficult to find memory that works reliably.

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