• wouldn't make a difference to me.
  • Some people find a bit of meat on the bones attractive.
  • Apouch would be cool if I were a kangaroo. A paunch is ok too. Any thing that spiils over the top of the pants and droops is a turnoff
  • no not at all.. i love meat on my s/o!! :) more cushion for the pushing.. more to hang on to. when you hug them they don't break. and you can wrestle.....heheheh
  • No, I love him for who he is, not what he looks like.
  • Well, my s/o is a bodybuilder, so in the winter he "bulks," which means he gets a littme more body fat, and a bit less muscle definition. In the summer though he "leans out" and is very muscular ^_^
  • No. My partner has a little belly but I think it's adorable. It doesn't stick out that much; it's more flat than fat but he doesn't have a six pack and that doesn't bother me at all.
  • I love my S/O because of who she is, not because of what she looks like. My ex was the best looking woman I had ever met when we married ( 1971 ), and she turned out to be materialistic and fearful. I promised myself I would not make the mistake again of choosing to love someone based on looks alone.
  • Oh no not at all - I find my S/O MORE attractive with his belly because he's more 'real' to me in my eyes. I find people with non-perfect bodies are nicer to be around for some reason.
  • for a man, i wont lie, it would make a difference. I just prefer athletic trim bodies. Luckily my s/o couldnt gain weight if he tried but if my s/o by some wierd chance got a little pouch then it wouldnt slightly change how much i love him. but yes i would be less attracted to that part of his body but thats not everything to me.
  • A small pouch is no big deal. A big one, however....
  • My s/o has a small pouch and I am extremely attracted to him. Hey if he had the perfect abs then I might be expected to as well!
  • no because im attracted to him, to his person not his i dont mind if he has a pouch or a flat stomage...
  • Since the vast minority have perfect figures it's a good thing the vast majority are prepared to accept such imperfections TV is not a representative sample of the human race
  • No I would rather he make me smile than have a six pack thanks :))))
  • No, well first off my wife is a heavy set woman so lol doesn't count, but my wife loves the little marrage belly I have now, she is proud of making me gain that belly and lays her head on it ^_^
  • between the six pack and the pouch works for me, no ribbs to see and pleanty to grip during play...
  • My baby doesn't have a 6 pack but he has a sexy body!!! He seems to like my belly fat just fine!!
  • No, my husband has not fat anywhere but his stomach, he's embarresed by it, ecspecially since he's a sailor. But to me he is still hot. I worry more about how he treats me (are men in general) then I do about how ht they are. You could have the best looking man in the world and be treated badly by him and his looks won't matter, or you can have an average or almost ugly guy who treats you like a queen, and he will get better looking every day. Beauty is vain and passes quickly, what counts is the heart, after the beauty fades, it's all you've got left!
  • Definetly. The love is unchanged but physical attraction is affected by that.
  • No. If I were they wouldn't be my significant other, they would be my EX. Judging someone solely on looks is not what I do anyway.
  • More cushin for the pushin baby.
  • NO!!!'s his Heart and Soul i love most <3
  • I've noticed it depends. My current partner isn't exactly Adonis, and I have no issues. I'm very attracted to him, because almost all my attraction is based on who he is, not his body. He is active, just not athletic. I was with a weight-lifter who had a tummy even though the rest of him was mostly muscle, because he ate well and didn't spend time working out his abs. Again, remained very attracted to him... Yet I had a partner who, when I stopped liking him mentally (attitude, personality, etc), his pudge -really- turned me off.
  • No, not at all. If I wanted to be with a model, I would have to lower my standards. I am very happy with my girlfriend's body.

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