• No, it's one of the perks that come with the office. He and his family get fed. He doesn't having to pay for heating or lighting, or rent, either. :o)
  • No the American tax payer does!
  • He doesn't even wash his own dishes,I'm jealous now dag nabbit.
  • it is called taxes
  • A better question would be do the American taxpayers have to pay for Obama having his mother in law live at the White House?
  • I believe he must pay for the food in the private residence.
  • YEs,there is an apartment in the White House that is thier private residence and he pays for all thier private groceries and toiletries.
  • Those are all his perks, though finally it would be attributed to him and debited to his expenses. Personally he may not be able to afford the state dinners for out of state dignitaries.
  • When answering a question maybe its best not to come up with your own opinon, or what you think. Maybe try and do a Google search and come up with the right answer to share, the CORRECT answer to the question is below. While the President does pay for his and his families food its highly unlikey with the expense accounts at his disposal he does. While the President technically has to pay for his own food, he does have a number of expense accounts (see below) that he can use to purchase it. Regardless of who pays, the White House has 5 full time chefs to prepare any sort of meal for the White House staff. In addition, there is a huge collection of vintage wine which is still in stock from when Thomas Jefferson spent more than $10000 purchasing it. More Money In addition to his salary, the President gets numerous expense accounts including: General account ($50000) Official expenses of the White House office Entertainment expenses Separate entertainment expenses for official presidential functions Traveling expenses for the president and anyone traveling with him (above and beyond the free limo, helicopter, and airplane rides) In addition there is an account designated for "unanticipated needs" which is not to exceed $1 million per year. These unanticipated needs include anything for the furtherance of the national interest, security, or defense, including personnel needs and needs for services. Basically if the President is over-quota for anything listed above, he can dip into this money.
  • Yes he has to pay for any food eaten. They do take off for burger king coupons though.
  • Yes and no. If is an official visit by a head of state or leader of a foreign country than the tax payers foot the bill. But all his groceries are paid out of his pocket. He can either have his personal chef that is free to him cook it of he does have a personal kitchen he could use himself.
  • I was just reading an article where the president does get billed for their personal food. The chief usher since 1981 says he cannot remember a first family that did not complain about the food bill
  • hahhah u r funny man lolz and i dunno maybe1!?!?
  • Nope. You and I pay for it. Nice, eh?
  • Yeah, he pays for everything with the taxpayers money!!!!! It on our tab!!!!

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