• I don't think I'm familiar enough with "the arts" to really know the answer. However, I do know that "the arts" used to be funded by past governments because they were considered to be a necessary part of one's education..exposure to "the arts" for inner city school kids can open up a world of possibilities to them. I'm not sure that "the arts" are highly thought of in this day and age. Things like dancing, music, creative writing, acting, sculpting, painting..these are all deemed by some as "effete, elitist, extravagant and excess baggage" by some..too bad though. Art speaks to the spirit and the soul. :)
  • I don't really think that the arts were that kind of gauge. In even primitive peoples, any kind of arts was an indicator that they were successful enough to have free time to indulge in creativity beyond utility. It often had grace and beauty and spoke from people's hearts. Now, they are some kind of message, but often forced and a means to gain attention, not just a springing from the heart in spare moments. Some people do nothing but be an artist with little to draw from and art has gotten far from relating to our real lives but gone on to surreal aspects. But that might reflect accurately on society since most modern people are in some way alienated from utility and real living.

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