• Its illegal?
  • since i dont smoke pot except once in a wild blue moon, it wouldnt really affect my day to day life very much. but ive been a longtime supporter of the legalization of marijuana. i think the "war" on drugs is a losing battle and a huge waste of $$$. people will always find a way to grow and smoke herb. where theres a will theres a way, especially among freedom loving subversives. thats what this country was built upon! WOOHOO!! the war on drugs ludicrous. it seems stupid to me that they would illegalize pot but legalize alcohol. i think alcohol's a hell of a lot more addictive and potentially harmful. but if i play devil's advocate, i suppose it's easier to control and monitor the manufacture & taxation of alcohol as opposed to weed growing. lastly, ill just say i find its extremely hypocritical of the u.s. government, which is the country's largest drug pusher, to illegalize marijuana. how can we take the government seriously when theyre essentially bribed by the incredibly powerful pharmaceutical lobby to push so many dangerous, addictive legal drugs onto the marketplace with the blessing of the fda? what a farce.
  • Wouldn't do nothing, it would be about time they legalize it. I don't smoke it but a brother does, and theres no telling what other chemicals are being put in it.
  • Shocked, but in a good sense. (If more states follow Massachusetts's lead with decriminalization, I'd be less surprised.)
  • nothing really i would just hope we treat it as alcohol: only at home or designated places if you are a certain age and you can't work, go to school or drive under the influence, and can't be in public under the influence or have any open bags in your car.
  • Nothing will change for me... Although there will be far less paranoid people out there... But there are more important things to be worrying about in the states than a plant.
  • Same thing I do now..but legally..LMAO :)
  • Perhaps you mean "if." and it will not affect me directly so I will not much care. If I were a lawyer it might make a big difference... lots of legal work would vanish overnight, but there would be new opportunities seeking reparations for victims of the former oppressive regime
  • I'll feel just fine, since I support making marijuana legal, as long as restrictions are placed on it (just as there are restrictions on alcohol).
  • get stoned
  • Ironically it was legal during the prohibition era, when alcohol was not. Now alcohol is legal for those over a specified age and marijuana is not. The way I see it is if it was legal before there is no reason why it shouldn't be legal now. I realize this logic can't be applied to everything. In the wild west days murder was more or less legal. But marijuana is different cos it can be used as medicine for glaucoma and MS patients and studies have shown it doesn't necessarily harm people that use it recreationally. Doesn't help them either but at least it isn't like a cigarette.
  • It will have no effect on me personally. Tobacco is legal, but I don't use it. Same will be the case with marijuana, I won't be using it. But I would want people who choose to use it exercise some restraint and stay within the limits that they must prescribe for themselves.
  • It wouldn't make a difference in my life directly, but it would take many non-violent offenders out of jail, freeing up space and money for rehabilitation, which can reduce recidivism and make the country a better place.
  • If a lot of potheads invade my space I won't be a happy camper. If they cause more accidents when behind the wheel or are involved in more crime when they're "high" on the stuff, I'll wish them all to the dreaded "cornfield" so life can get back to normal. :)
  • i will smoke it. i will feel less paranoid.
  • I'll feel suffocated as everybody would be smoking all around.
  • In MA. we voted to decriminalize marijuana, although if caught with a ounce or less will be a 100.00 fine but, no record. This has been long and coming, I can not see why some one should have a permanent criminal record for this offense.

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