• just count from 0 to 999 and use zeros on the left for numbers less than 100 (i.e. 001, 020, 045, etc.)
  • There are far more than a thousand...probably in the millions....
  • A quick way to write them out would be to use an Excel spreadsheet and type 1 in the first box, 2 in the second, then highlight them and drag for 1000 boxes to extend the range all the way from 1 to 1000. You'll have to retype the ones with less than 3 digits as tigueron points out, putting zeroes at the front, and remember to add 000 in there as well... and you will have them all in 5 minutes tops, ready to copy and paste or print out.
  • I do thank you for your answers,but I still do not have an answer to my question.Show me a list of all combos or tell me where to find one. You try to find one its impossible to locate.

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