• Go green? Please Clarify the QuesTion.
  • no totally, thats would be almost impossible, we do our bit to help with the environment,we recycle all plastics, paper, cans etc. turn off power when not needed, turn taps off when not needed........
  • I do as much as i can, to the point i'm obsessed, haha! I reduce/reuse/recycle, compost in my back yard, i have a low flow toilet, conserve water every way i can, i use the energy saving lightbulbs, and i try to use natural sunlight vs. artificial light. We only have one Earth, we only get 1 chance.
  • Yeah as much as possible. We should all do our part.
  • I recycle and have changed out all my light bulbs. Cant afford to replace my furnace with more energy efficient one as it still works fine.
  • As much as I am able to do but some things are impossible to do. Try buying bottled water that does not come in a plastic bottle. We have very nice tap water in our area so I keep bottled water purely for emergencies or if travelling a very long way. So many items in shops are double wrapped which should not be necessary. I recycle as much as I possibly can but someone told me that much of what we place in special recycling bags are, often, just thrown in amongst the general waste. That means that we are wasting our time sorting it all.
  • please explain lol..... oh you mean try help the environment .nope..i use electricity them solar power things on roofs have caused many house fires here ..the problem may be sorted now but i still dont like em ... i recycle etc etc

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