• Happy voting day to you too! I did the early vote last Tuesday...
  • Happy voting? Hardly... This has got to be the worst choice of candidates that I've ever seen... Thanks for being positive and all, but really, this is just a sad and pathetic election...
  • Voted Saturday before last.
  • Good voting to you all...may the best man win.. We just heard over here that the first results from a place I didn't catch the name of was;Out of the 20 eligible voters 15 voted Obama only 5 McCain. Forcasting an Obama landslide.
  • Thank you Rosie. You too.:) Not yet but very soon I will take my wife a cup of coffee and she will get up and shower and we will go and vote for different candidates together.
  • happy voting to you too. yes, i have voted today. it is in every americans right to vote..
  • Been there, done that, got my sticker already!
  • I am waiting on my husband to get back from voting then I am going.
  • I went by this morning, but the line was in the parking lot and I didn't think my 17 month old would enjoy waiting in line with Mommy. I am going to take my lunch hour early and go.
  • Will be voting today..but must wait til the s/o gets home from work. She does not want to go by herself.
  • Happy Tuesday, Rosie!!! I will head to the polls in a couple of hours.
  • will vote in a bit...mccain Palin...but please whoever you are going to vote for....PLEASE is what separates us from the dictatorships of the world....may the best man win!!!!
  • I was going to get up and vote at 6 am until I found out I would be able to leave a couple hours early this afternoon. Which is fine with me. When I got up at 530 am and turned on the radio, I heard there were lines around the buildings at most of the polling places already. And the one across the street from my house had a huge line, too. Oddly enough, the one right across from my house is not MY polling place, mine is up the street, but it's walkable.
  • Thanks, Rosie - I voted early and am awaiting the results!
  • All I got to say is V O T E!!! I can't say this enough. I know our one little vote seems like it does not amount to much but out combined effort makes a difference! I promise you that! So whom ever you decide to vote for.....Just vote and take part in this very important election year! I know for me, I am a first time voter so I am thrilled to take part in this process. Shelly
  • Absentee ballot two wks ago. Happy election day!
  • Going shortly. Planning a very mixed ballot, too. But I decided that the Blue Enigma party isn't for me.
  • Thank you Rosie and Happy voting day to you as well. Yes I did indeed exercise my right to vote and gave myself a voice in this great country.
  • Happy Voting Day, Rosie!! I just returned from casting my vote!:) We allllll must VOTE!!!

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