• well for that hight you are supposed to weight like 70 kilos i think that as long as you feel good about yourself your weight shouldn't matter.
  • dont listen to any of that crap, if your happy thats all that matters, and if thats your pic, you look fine.
  • Those stupid charts don't know anything, I guess they want everyone to be anorexic looking you look great & healthy. I don't care what the charts say skinny, just looks bad on some people & your very pretty the way you are.
  • Whenever I take those things they say I am obese. Most of those BMI calculators don't take into account a large frame or a lot of muscle mass. If you are happy with where you are, who cares? If you are still concerned, talk with your doctor about a more accurate test, and/or lifestyle changes.
  • BMIs were created by insurance companies to basically call normal people fat, so they can jack up your insurance rates. You look great, don't let some arbitrary number, made up by some accountant effect your view of yourself.

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