• Why can't granpa come back? Where'd he go? Why did his heart stop beepin?
  • WHen I still had my son and he was younger--his father split when I got pregnant cause he didn't want anymore kids. Within 3 years he was married with another child. My son asked me one day "why does he love the other baby more than me cause I am older" (cause my sons father NEVER even bought him a Christmas present. How do answer that?
  • Why are your boobies smaller than Mommies;)
  • Why are we here. (meaning why do we exist).
  • Did you have sex before you were married?
  • We were at my aunt and uncle's for Christmas one year..there was another uncle there as well, whose son came loaded with expensive gifts for my aunt and uncles two kids...a boy and a girl. He brought nothing for my son, who was 6 at the time. He knew we would be there..I thought that was so mean, unkind and thoughtless..just a small, cheap anything would have sufficed. My son noticed and asked why he didn't get a present as well. I took him in the kitchen, away from the others, and tried to explain it..don't remember what I said, but I felt very bad..he seemed to accept my explanation..but I am still hurt after all these years..he is now 42. Parents never forget these things! :(

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