• I would suggest lots of red meat or other protein filled foods to help gain muscle instead of fat. I would suggest baking or griling too!
  • Since you want to ante up the pounds, I would say load up on the meat and potatoes when you eat, and while I am not an expert/physical trainer, I would think you would be able to hit your three hit fit goal soon enough.
  • MRE's look them up you eat one of those a day holy crud its crazy yeah just loook them up on ebay
  • I work out daily also, from 30 to 45 minutes, and I couldn't do it without my "Mustle Milk". It's a high protein powder you buy at GMC or any health and fitness store. It contains quality wey protein, and complex amino acids to support mustle growth and heath. It's also quite heavy on the calaries, so If you want to gain weight, and mustle, this is the solution for you. It also, I've noticed, gives you the mustle support to work out daily without exhausting yourself. I can't do it everyday and not include this protein suppliment in my routine. Just drink an extra one or two glassess over the recommened to gain weight you desire.
  • I worked out in a gym for 2 hours a day 6 days a week. I am 5'5" and only weighed 125 lbs. My goal was to look like Franco Columbu which was 5'5" and 200 lbs. I ate as much as i could to the point where i felt like throwing up. I went to GNC and got protein supplement. After a year, i reached 140 lbs.
  • Your workouts are too long. If you're able to workout for 2 hours, you're probably not lifting very heavy. If you want to get big your rep range should be 10 and under. Four or five small meals a day is better than 3 large ones. That's so your belly doesn't get super huge. After each workout drink NITROTECH. You can get it canned or the powder to mix in a blender. Also make sure to workout all your major muscle groups: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Arms, Legs, Abs; but not all in one workout.
  • Read question and answer on this link.

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