• I am a Realtor, and want to make it easy for the customer to find me. is a very helpful & useful site if you are looking for a Realtor in a specific state, you may also specify what you are searching for in a home, see what homes are available and is up to date with current listings
  • Go Online, look for a private selling or FSBO website which can provide you with signage and good internet traffic and you can save yourself thousands. The real estate agents will respond, by throwing their arms up in the air, but if you had to ask this question in the first place..... kinda suggests you find it hard to trust them.
  • Just go into, then select the city where you are looking for a realtor, it will give you a list of companies and realtors with their picture, You can get a good feeling when you are looking at all the pictrues or ask a friend o a co-worker for a referral, if you need one in NJ let me know I can refer you one, any other place Georgia, let me know if you any help on NJ or Georgia. FSBO (for sale by owner) this is the buyers market, if you really want to sell, you wont' sell by owner, buyers are looking for bargains, let the Real Estate Agent do his job, he will give you a better advice on how to prepare the house and how to price it/
  • In this market, and as a former real estate agent, I suggest you try to sell it yourself. Save the commission, 'cause, they are attempting at this time to sell 100's of houses, and you can concentrate on just one.
  • Are you buying or selling? I found the agent that helped me buy my house at an Open House for a property I didn't like, but she took the opportunity to get to know me and shee seemed to get what I was looking for.
  • ask friends and family that have recently sold or bought who went the extra mile +5
  • I went to a bunch of open houses. I ran into one guy at several houses over a few weeks and liked the conversations I had with him. When I was ready for an an agent I gave him a call.
  • As a consumer (not an agent), my suggestion would be to go to the web sites of the major agencies in your area and read the various biographies which are posted by the Realtors. Pay attention to the length of time residing in area, the level of education, and to the number of continuing ed efforts for each agent. Look for an agent who is full time in the field -- real estate is full of part time personnel who do not have the hours to do the job correctly. Pay attention to the specialties they list -- some are more skilled at selling, some at representing buyers. Finally, read up on the role of a Realtor and whether buying or selling, be sure to have a good attorney by your side at settlement.
  • The "make" and "model" and "year" of their car!
  • They took over where horse traders left off so I suspect there's not much between any of them !
  • We would have spent very little time with real estate agent until we get into the process of buying or selling. And, many of us would be first time buyers or sellers. You would find it hard to make out an ideal agent from a substandard one. Each and every buyer is not the same. The experience level and the needs vary. Those who are initially into the process of buying require lot of guidance. Those who put in time and money need plenty of information. Majority of them need help with respect to transaction and guidance when it comes to making decisions. When it comes to a resort, those who option for buying need added guidance and support. However much the potential buyer has, it does not add to the credits if there is no actual experience in the market area. Many of the residences are for an exorbitant rate, and the purchasers possess ample experience.
  • Good question, How to select good real estate agents. As we know that there are lots of real estate companies in Noida. that are providing complete and correct information about real estate. but some of real estate agents fraud they want to earn money that it. they does't think about customer. but in this industry one of the best company Investors Clinic is providing good and accurate information about new and old residential flats/apartments as well as taking care of their customer because know that client satisfaction is the main part of success. for more information visit - Investors Clinic .
  • There are different categories for real estate agents. Property buying, Selling, Real estate investors, Land buyers, and Sellers. even I am Real Estate Development Professional and dealing in Land development and property development area. Your real estate agent should have a legal license, experience in property dealing. Must have good knowledge about the area and land value. And the moth important that he suits to your budget.
  • One thing to consider is that it can be harder to sell a property than buying one. Because of that I suggest finding an agent who is very familiar with the area where you are selling a house with that being somewhat less important for an agent to help you buy a place.

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