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  • not if u do enough of streaching work.
  • You run the same risk for stunting your growth playing in essence, no it won't stunt your growth.
  • i doubt friends 14, he works out and weightlifts, and hes 5'8. if u think about it, running is worse than weightlifting because of the pressure on ur legs...and that doesnt stunt growth
  • Absolutely not! David Robinson trained with weights in his early teens and he was still growing as a Naval Officer. A question of intensity? Still NADA! Lou Ferrigno started at 15, and he grew to be 6'5" (taller than most of his family). My concerns with a 14-year old training with weights would be to follow sound advice from a professional trainer (avoid the hype) and to maintain strict form, even if it means lighter weights at the risk of ego (avoid the injuries). Happy lifting!
  • I do not think so. One of my boyfriends began barbell training about the time of his 15th birthday. Three years later, he had gained 60 lbs. of muscle. I would hardly call that stunting his growth. He now weighs 304 lbs.

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