• Read William Zinsser's Writing to learn. His book highlights writting across every curriculum.
  • "Have what is takes to teach writing, to children. Any writer can teach writing even if they are not teachers; on the other hand, there must be something in you that enjoys children naturally. You need a special desire to show children how much fun writing could be. And you also have to simply love talking about writing. To be able to talk about writing... You must have a good enough experience in writing, just enough experience. You don't have to be published extensively (children won't care about that), but make sure you have something to show on how interesting your job as a writer is." Source and further information: "Have a passion to share with children how interesting writing can be. This can require a lot of patience and persistence, especially if you are working with a group of young writers. When you're in a class, there's always someone skeptical about what you're doing--and young skeptics are great at adding extra nuisance. You can encourage them first by taking out the ‘boring' in writing. Make everything enjoyable. But... Offer sufficient direction. You still need to direct them, really, so that you help your bunch of aspiring writers to focus on what they need to be doing. " Source and further information:
  • Is this for pre-school children? If yes, then these are the steps:First, teach them the alphabet. Second, teach your child to read because in this way, they will be familiar with words and spelling. Then let them write the alphabet and soon, they will learn how to write words and sentences. If what you need to know are for the primary school children, the same step is to let them read. In this way, they will have an idea of how to write.
  • 9-4-2017 First, teach him to read. Sit him on your lap and read to him. Pretty soon he will be reading to you. At some point he will want to draw the letters, and you can demonstrate one letter at a time for him to practice.. This takes you up to about first grade level, and after that it just depends on interest.
  • By scribbling with a box of Crayons. :)
  • Hmm! What alphabet do you want 1st.
  • Patience will be a good start.
  • just show them and have them practice it

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