• I am American but from India and we don't really celebrate Christmas. But I do say Merry Christmas to friends who do and hope they enjoy the occasion as much as they can :) Merry Christmas! :)
  • I'm American, and I celebrate Christmas because I always have celebrated it. Everyone gets together to exchange presents, cheer, laughter, etc. It is one of the few times we take the time to get together. For religious purposes, I celebrate Yule. Merry Christmas!!!
  • I am from Egypt, hence the name :) I am Christian, so I do celebrate. Christmas is not just the celebration of the Birth of Christ, but it is also a time for togetherness and being with loved ones and Family.
  • I'm canadian, and i celebrate X-mas since i wanna be with my family...
  • i am canadian and i celabrate christmas because i love it.
  • American, (with a parental mix of German, Norwegian, English and Irish). I observe Christmas as one of many holidays I respect. I do not celebrate it in a religious manner, although I was baptized Methodist at about age 2 months.
  • Australian with English parents. I suppose I celebrate Christmas because my whole family does, because society as a whole does and those who don't get looked at like weirdoes.
  • I am American, but half Mexican and half German. (I guess that makes me a sauer taco! HA!) We celebrate Christmas, because we celebrate the birth of Christ as we have done for all my life. We all get together and eat, talk to each other about the past year's events and generally reminisce about Christmas' gone by. It's special to all of us and we get to be together for a time as a family in general.
  • I'm from Italy, and I no longer celebrate Xmas. I no longer believe in Jesus Christ.
  • Italian, and just a plain Catholic!
  • i was bought up in a jewish home so ive never celebrated christmas
  • I am a mix of Italian, French, English. We acknowledge Christmas for the kids in our family, and that's it.
  • American with German, French, and English family background. We celebrate family, love, and good cheer at Christmas (and Chanukah) time but, we do not celebrate any Christian connection with Christmas.
  • i conne fronn a jewish fannily, i dont have anything against christnnas, wish people would invite nne over for it
    • mushroom
      Learn to sing Christmas songs, many of which were written by Jews!
  • I'm born American and largely of German ancestry. I don't pay any attention to Xmas unless I visit my parents and brother. They are Christians, but my boyfriend and I aren't.
  • I was born in America. I do not celebrate Christmas because I am a Christian.
  • I'm American with tribal citizenship in my Native American tribe. I celebrate Christmas because I'm Catholic and I like Christmas.
  • Italian, and I celebrate Christmas simply cause it's the most wonderful time of the year.
  • I am an American and I celebrate Christmas because there has been born the Savior in the city of David which is Christ the Lord and this is tidings of great joy which is for all people. Notice when Linus gets to the part where the angel says "Fear not" that he drops his security blanket.
  • An American that does not celebrate Christmas.

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