• why can't it be both ? those concepts don't clash, and any musician - for example - that lives off his music is referred to as it being his profession, so why not cinema as well ?
  • I believe it is always a profession, but some rises to the level of art. Classic movies like Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, An American in Paris. Those movies that are singular, memorable and enjoyable no matter how often you see them. :)
  • An artist's profession. I took a course in college called "Cinema as an Art form". You can study each and every clip of every scene for various visual and sound effects, creating a complex mise en scene that gives meaning and value to the entire experience frame by frame. Truly brilliant masterminds have brought cinema from the first silent films to cinema as it is in the modern world. Even without all the fancy technology and ridiculously high budgets, artsy and independent productions continue to exemplify how "the moving picture" is the stuff of truly talented artists.
  • It can be either one of those or both. Depending on the film maker.
  • Cinema is an art that contains lots of professions.

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