• Cut me off on I64. Idiot. lol
  • The @sshole wasn't paying attention and his big ol' Ford F150 came into our lane and straight towards my b/f's Cavalier...thank heavens he swerved, but needless to say I had both fingers out the window swearing at him. I don't need to be in an accident due to idiocy. That was yesterday....
  • some dude lisping
  • Some kid in his beater was up my rear (when I was doing 10 over the speed limit!) yakking on his cell.
  • Gave me a negative rating on a truthful answer, just kidding I dont get pissed off at people
  • Hard to say. I don't really get pissed off very often. I get slightly aggitated. My Mom's fiancee aggitated yesterday. I'm a graphic designer, so he just kind of dumped their wedding invitation on me. He didn't ask me, he just sort of assumed I would do it. I have no problem doing something like that, but it would have been nice to be asked to do it rather then have all the responsibility of just sort of dumped on me. He literally walked up to me and said "I need the invitations for our wedding, I'm going to E-Mail you the info." This would have gone over much better with me: "Hey, do you think you could do the invitations for our wedding?" But meh, I know him, the guy just has absolutely no tact when it comes to dealing with people. It's like he doesn't have any concept what-so-ever of common courtesy. I'm not saying that to be mean, I mean it. He does and says shit that throws everyone off because it's totally rude. But he doesn't mean to be rude, it's just that he doesn't know any better. So I got over it.
  • Give away 700B Dollars I didn't even know I had
  • My ex- telling me on the phone this morning that he's filing a petition to get custody of my kids! Then he had the nerve tonight to ask if this was going to be an "issue" WTF
  • being looked down upon
  • Someone asked this question about the last think that someone did that really piss*d me off!
  • lied to me
  • When my sister shot me in the hand with her bb gun.
  • when I was down on someone and they farted in my face
  • Perpetuating an old issue.
  • tell me they were gna kill me
  • My brother took my last cigarette without telling me and then took the car so that I had to walk a mile to the store to buy more.
  • Starved his horse to death in his backyard. The authorities did nothing and that really pissed me off.
  • Deleted my saved game of Pokemon Crystal. I've been trying to beat that game for *years* now, and every time I've gotten close someone erases the game. And it's usually an accident, so I can't even get properly pissed off at them, either.

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