• Unfortunately, sperm can still be released prior to the mans sensation of ejaculation. Although the risks are low, it is still a significant risk. This explains why coitus interruptus, i.e. withdrawal prior to the mans sensation that he is about to ejaculate, is such a poor form of birth control.
  • Assuming you are taking the pill correctly for three weeks, there is little chance that you are pregnant - even if sperm were released into you via pre-cum. The pill should be effective after a week of use even if you didn't start on the first day of your cycle. However, pregnancy tests aren't too expensive so you might want to check anyways.
  • There's always a risk, no matter how careful you are with the pill. But, given the circumstances, if you've been on the pill for more than a month, you shoudl be fine. Be careful next time. Condoms help prevent STDS!
  • I wouldn't be concerned about pregnancy as it's unlikely.
  • I wouldn't worry, but it's probably better to be safe than sorry. My ex was on the pill for the entire time (3 and 1/2yrs) and 9 out 10 times I would ejaculate inside her. no probs for us.

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