• Absolutely. I can't even walk by a Yankee Candle store without wanting to puke;)
  • YES I can't hande old ladies with too much perfume or really heavy fragrances! I can't go into perfume stores or places with lots of incense. I get a headache, my eyes burn, I feel like I can't breathe. I wear cologne but only light fruity stuff and I use the recommended amount, I don't bathe in the crap like some people do.
  • Yes. I can't stay in a room with lit candles or with someone with strong perfume. The smell of spicy food cooking bothers me as well.
  • Same boat as you there. Strong scents are a no-no for my nose. I really like the word MODERATION when it comes to perfumes and candles.
  • I am. I really don't like my girlfriend to wear perfume, and we disagree often about lighting scented candles in the house. I work in a grocery store, and the detergent aisle kills me.
  • I am. It makes lower-level classes intolerable - it seems there's a correlation between how old you are and how much perfume/cologne you use. :(
  • yes. i dislike most perfumes and synthetic fragrances. i can usually only tolerate natural, organic oils & essences. fragrances irritate many people because they often have toxic ingredients. many are considered dangerous to your health. many fragrances contain diethyl phthalate which is a potential hormone disrupter which accumulates in fatty tissue after being absorbed through the skin. phenols are also commonly used in fragrances. they are suspected carcinogens and may cause reproductive harm. benzeneethanol, rated toxic by labs is readily absorbed through the skin and affects the central nervous system. synthetic musks, which are a suspected carcinogen, accumulate in human tissue and is a skin and respiratory irritant. if you are interested in finding out more about the toxic crap they put in everyday products, check out this website from the environmental working group or purchase a handbook like the safe shoppers bible. you will never look at another synthetic product the same way again...
  • I'm sensitive to some perfumes if that's what you mean. In High School a girl was near my locker and her perfume was so strong I nearly threw up.

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