• The Torah recounts the basic facts of their history. Torah means guide or teaching in Hebrew, because it only relates information that's useful to teach you something- either about becoming a better person, about Jewish heritage or about Jewish observnace. So, the Torah only describes those details of early Hebrew history that carry lessons. More detailed history was transmitted orally through the generations and eventually recorded in the Talmud and the Midrash.
  • For us, the Torah is the literal word of G-d. When G-d gave it to Moses at Mount Sinai, millions of Jews were gathered there and they all heard G-d speak. So the Torah is more than just a text or a book. Traditional Jewish belief holds that 'everything' can be found in the Torah - if we only know how to look... The Torah is not something that can be understood at face value. Rather it can be read and interpreted on many different levels. The Torah is in every single Synagogue on earth.

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