• We've yet to decorate the house that we just moved in to, but plan on decorating for a Halloween party next weekend.
  • Never. I've lived here almost 8 years, and it's all still magnolia. It's not a priority for me (obviously!!), but I guess I'd better start thinking about it!
  • I am working on that now. :-)
  • recently....I redid my kitchen and put in wide planked hardwood floors along with some tile. I still have the upstairs to redo...I just had my house painted too. brutal.
  • Last year and my husband sat there and left me to paint every room in the house:-(
  • We've been decorating and doing construction since we moved in 5 yrs. ago. The last room we re-did was the bathroom in March. We gutted it and got everything new. It's so awesome now! I must say I am quite the great designer! Haha!
  • the lounge/dining room and kitchen are just finished a couple of months ago.. oh and the stairs.. the loft bedroom will be started in the next month or so, the other two bedrooms are fine for the time being.
  • a couple ofmonths ago i still have a couple of rooms to go but have to wait for the plastering to be done.:)

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