• Slavery in Chespeake was Chattel Slavery. This means that the person/slave is the property of another person. Chattel can be bought, sold, mutilated or killed under your own authority with no approval from outside. In the Caribbean there was a tendency to see slaves as people not just property. When purchased it often happened that a slave would have a price put on his freedom and be allowed to work on Saturdays to pay off the price. This might take years to accomplish but was a way out of bondage. Some people think the difference was Catholics thought slaves had souls. Protestants tended to think of Africans as soulless. You have asked a complicated question because the conditions of slavery varied so widely from situation to situation.
  • In the Caribbean, the slaves used to run around half naked cause it was so hot and they used to work in pineapple and sugar cane plantations. In the Chesapeake colonies, they weren't as scantily dressed and had to pick cotton all day long

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