• The answer is blatantly obvious – racial prejudice.
  • It doesn't. However certain people are spinning it that way: If you DON'T vote for Obama, it MUST be because you are a rascist. It's not a fair assessment, especially since republican presidents have elevated people of color to some of the highest posts in the land (Condie Rice-Sec of State, Colin Powell-Sec of State, Clarence Thomas-Supreme Court). BTW...the three people I just mentioned are considered Uncle Tom's by the left because they happen to be black and conservative.
  • Hey Annie you back!!!!! I guess some people are still stuck in the dark ages;):)
  • It certainly should not.
  • You know, there isn't a good argument for racism, but it does still exist, which is really unfortunate. I come from the south, though I now live on the west coast, and I talked to my mom about politics a month ago. She refuses to vote for Obama because she saw him "kiss a white woman on the mouth on tv".
  • I've never questioned the color of Obama's skin and whether or not that had any relation to how well he could serve our country. I believe he and the issues he stands for are the BEST thing for this country. He is intelligent and he is eloquent. I believe he will win. Other people will tell you differently. Sadly, there will be people who don't vote for him just because of his skin color! Is that REALLY country first?! I don't think so!
  • The way I see it personnally Obama's color has no bearing but, it is Obama who keeps bringing it up.
  • The mere fact that he appears so perfect means that he is hiding something, not to mention the fact that the media attacks anyone who doubts the likelihood of an Obama administration. I would vote for Condeleeza Rice for president, as well as Colin Powell, but not Barack. Here is a quote from his own published book. Audacity of Hope:'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.' Does he sound Christian to you?
  • I know that John McCain is white, But that is not a reason to Not vote for him. He has all the qualities that you mentioned, plus many more, and I don't understand why 90% of African Americans will be voting for Barack Obama. Could it be because the color of his skin? I hope not!
  • It might depend on if the guy is a crackpot socialist or not, which is more important than skin color, but the liberals want to keep throwing that out there so people can feel guilty because they didn't for for the black guy, not because they didn't vote for the Marxist.
  • It's not because of skin color that intelligent people aren't supporting Obama. It's not because of skin color that intelligent people aren't supporting McCain. Intelligent people aren't supporting either simply because they are educated.
  • The color of the candidate's skin shouldn't have any bearing on his or her eligibility to be president. However, it does not mean that if you aren't voting for that candidate that you're automatically a racist. In regards to Obama, it doesn't have anything to do with the color of his skin. If he was white, it would still be the same thing. Liberals are playing the race card and trying to use "white guilt" to get Obama elected. The fact that the man is socialist, a racist, and calls himself a Christian, yet supports the most heinous form of abortion imaginable, cannot be overlooked, nor will it on November 4th.
  • Simply because not everyone believes he is qualified to be president--albeit the attributions you list.
  • I have to answer again. Interesting that we read this question as "colour of his skin" to be referring to Obama. If I am black/African American/a person of color, could the question not be referring to McCain? How quick we are to assume.....
  • It shouldn't. BUT it definitely does! Once a person is in that booth, that curtain is closed and there isn't any one else in that booth but that person and that machine, it shouldn't be any one's business how he/she votes or why that person voted that way. Once a person pulls those little levers or pushes those buttons, pulls that BIG lever to register his/her selections to leaves the booth, it's STILL NO ONE'S BUSINESS HOW that person voted, UNLESS he or she decides to disclose to someone else about the selections he or she made. In other words, it's no one else's business BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS those who insist on asking that ages old Q: "How did you vote?" For the past 40 years at every election but one, my answer has been and will continue to be: "That's my business. No one else's - not even yours." I can tell you this: As sure as I'm sitting here typing the answer to your Q and every other Q, there are and there will continue to be bigoted, prejudiced, hateful and jealous people who won't look beyond the color of a person's skin and/or beyond the sex, age, religion or any other characteristic or trait which tends to make that person a little different from the rest who has the guts to stick his or head out there to "throw his or her hat into the ring" and run for any office. Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • I don't think it does for most people - certainly not any of the intelligent ones.

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