• Aeronautic engineers almost always have at least a four-year degree and many have advanced or graduate degrees. How to Become an Aeronautic Engineer Instructions Step 1: Research four-year degree programs.Although this line of work was once considered esoteric, many schools now offer four-year degree programs in either Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. These schools range from large public schools to small and intimate private institutions. Several large state universities now offer an inexpensive option for obtaining the necessary degree, though students sometimes say the large class sizes detract from the learning experience. At least one school, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, deals exclusively with aeronautical and aerospace related programs. Students who wish to pursue a degree on a budget may be inclined to attend state universities, while other students with more money to invest may prefer the environment of smaller school. Step 2: Enroll in school.Once you have made your school choices, apply for your preferred school. Please note that, due to the intense mathematical requirements of an aeronautical engineering program, extraordinary grades or demonstrated abilities in math may be necessary to be accepted to the engineering program. Step 3: Complete the degree.While it can be difficult to plan coursework in pursuit of an aeronautical engineering degree, most universities have a pre-determined curriculum necessary for graduation. Following this set of courses closely and maintaining an exceptional grade point average (GPA) are important steps toward becoming an aeronautical engineer. Step 4: Make use of school-sponsored job placement.Many schools, especially private institutions, offer job-placement services for graduating students. When you near graduation, inquire about this service with your school’s advisor. Some institutions even offer this service to alumni as well as enrolled individuals. Step 5: Polish your resume.Although engineers maintain a reputation for less than perfect communication skills, it is critical to present a polished and professional resume. If you are uncomfortable with your resume creation skills, your school’s placement office or a professional consultant may be able to assist you with perfecting this important document. Step 6: Apply for jobs online.Even if you are pursuing placement through your school’s program, it does not hurt to actively seek aeronautical engineering programs. The websites of many large government contractors and aerospace companies offer online job listings and accept direct applications.
  • I'm not gonna go into as much detail as that one lol, but im in the process of becoming an Aerospace Engineer. Over here in England, it takes 2 years at College (After Highschool), then another 4 at University. So in all, 6 years if it all goes to plan.
  • Take into consideration there may be setbacks. Things happen. But if it's worth it don't give up!

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