• Not often, cause I avoid nonsensical questions. I think your question is senseful, so that's why I'll rate it.
    • Linda Joy
      Rating is not the same as liking. Did you dig this out of the archives, or did it show up on its own?
    • Jenny Rizzo
      In this digital world, rating is the classification of liking something. Whenever you give websites feedback, they will tell you to rate them with a Yes or No like. In this case, I am assigning a standard or value to the question by "evaluating" it.
  • Not often,but sometimes I forget. I just rated you,by the way. :)
  • 7/10 stars. Oops, I mean 7/10 times.
  • all the tirne, i just forget
  • Is rating the same thing as a thumbs up? Because I give a thumbs up if I like the answer or question.
    • Linda Joy
      Unless you don't like the person giving the question or answer! Hahaha!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Linda Joy, what you are failing to see is how the old Answerbag allowed us to give points whenever we liked a question or an answer. And since this site is outdated, a simple rating of (Yes I like the question - thumbs up) will ensure a positive change. So far, the question in this subject is "rated" at 2 thumbs up.
  • Rating doesn't exist anymore. Just the like button and almost no one uses them anymore, because they mean nothing. I've actually had people take my answers and use them as their own and still not click the like button on the answer!! Other people make 5 accounts and like their own stuff. And if you ever disagree with some people they'll never like your stuff again. I sit up nights crying over it. No one likes me because I told the truth AND THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! The truth is the only thing you get out of it is a spot on the looser board because you don't have a life so you spend your day here board, board. I like questions and answers on the rare occasions it occurs to me it was a good answer or question. I used to like stuff because others wanted me to. And I wanted to be nice. Now I only like it if I actually think its a good answer or I actually like the question. Isn't that what its for? People who have to beg for likes obviously have better things to do with their time than hang around here asking and answering questions. Oh and I also usually like all answers on my questions just to show I appreciate their participation, unless they answered 5 times with the same answer or they really didn't answer at all or they were trying to pick a fight, but I don't always see them.
    • bostjan64
      Part of life is agreeing and disagreeing with the same person on varying topics. If I ever agree with someone too much, I start to worry about myself.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Linda Joy, if rating questions did not exist anymore, you wouldn't be able to know how many AB'ers liked the question Misplaced_Diamond asked in this subject.
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Linda Joy, quote: "People who have to beg for likes obviously have better things to do" From the time I've been on Answerbag, I have never met anyone who begged for likes. Rating a question with a thumbs up allows the questioner to know you are being courteous.

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