• Nail Technician? I've always just called 'em carpenters.
  • According to ehow, some courses last only half a year. How to Become a Professional Nail Technician Learning how to become a nail technician is an attainable goal. You have to know what the licensing requirements are for your state and be ready to take a written test if need be. Be prepared to spend hours studying and performing various nail art patterns on fingernails and toes before trying to become a professional. Instructions: Step 1: Find a vocational school that offer courses and certificates specifically catered to becoming a nail technician. Typically, you spend less time in school studying to be a manicurist than any other cosmetology profession, with some courses lasting only half a year. Step 2: Request an application for student grants and loans. Applying for this is beneficial to gaining an education when you don't have the money to pay for classes and learning materials. Step 3: Go to the Federal Financial Aid website to fill out an application. This can be handy if your income qualifies for assistance from the government. It's helpful to already know the school you want to go to before applying. Step 4: Take a Business Management Basic Certificate course if you want to pursue opening your own nail salon. Community colleges offer some of the lowest tuition for basic courses. Step 5: Check your individual state's board of cosmetology licensing requirements to make sure you qualify. Follow their guidelines, pay any fees, and take any exams necessary to get your license. Step 6: Be an apprentice at an already established nail salon. After successfully getting your license, if you decide that opening your own salon is not for you, join someone's team. You can get the experience you need while learning in the ropes.
  • Most basic training courses take about 21 weeks, if you attend full time. The licensing regulations vary from state to state and in different countries, so you need to find out about your local area requirements.

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