• I think you know my answer, Rosie....that's a big no!!
  • NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh, Rosie, thanks for my first laugh of the morning. I would love to take a look at the kind of sampling that was done with that poll, to make sure it wasn't skewed. I will be horrified if 41% of people want no more from their President than non-sensical talking points glued together into incoherent "beauty pageant" sentences. I expect experience, leadership, and a President I can be proud of, and Palin fails on all three counts.
  • source of this poll?
  • I think I also read a poll that 41% of all Americans are functionally moronic and clueless. She's an evil beetch. When she talks I feel like she's talking to a group of Sunday school kids. How she became Governor I'll never figure out but then again it was Alaska...Duh...population a little more than the island I live on. Yes the whole state of Alaska has a few thousand people more than Staten Island New York and that's the small borough.
  • I am looking for a fresh face and she is definitely that, but I wouldn't put her at the top of the ticket. You naysayers are missing a key element to her popularity. Just like Obama speaks to your politics in a new, refreshing way, Palin is speaking to her constituents in the same refreshing way. Don't discount it.
  • Yes, she gets smeared a lot, but take it from me, who has relatives in Alaska. She's done an excellent job as governor and has a higher popularity then any governor in Alaska's history, and probably in the history of any state. I think she has an approval rating of 91%, or at least did in Alaska, before she became a VP candidate. I think she'd make a good president, if it came to that. I just wish people would stop smearing her and actually look at the facts.
  • Given the choices that we have, absolutely!
  • Not hardly. I'm not willin' to gamble on a self-proclaimed 'Soccer Mom' who talks like she just stepped out of the movie "Fargo".
  • I dont believe that poll is legimiate but I dont think she would make a great president. Of the presidents and VP's running, the only one I really would ever vote for is Obama. Palin, McCain, and Biden are not by any means good for the presidnecy in my opinion.
  • you Bet Rosie
  • Alaska's population in 2006 - 670,053 . That's a lot of people, still. So a 91% approval rating means at least 609748 of those people approved of her as governor, and no more then 60304 of those people were dissatisfied. . Anyway, those figures impressed me.
  • It must be from some poll that made sure that only singled out Palin supporters thus an invalid and worthless poll that means nothing.
  • Not quite yet, but someday perhaps. I think she is going to play some sort of significant role in national politics in the future. She is too bright and has too good a work ethic and principles to not become a shining star.
  • no. she scares me
  • OMG - NONONO!!!!!
  • No I do not believe she would I am afraid in her Vice Presidential debate she threw me away with her overworked winking and down home folksy style. It made her seem false and like a poor actress overacting the part.She seemed to be treating the people as if they were too ignorant to understand a proper debate. A pretty face just does not do it for me. I like substance behind the facade.

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