• I usually eat Falafel in pita bread, with tomatoes, a little tahini sauce, & a side of rice pilaf.
  • Put it in a pita pocket along with hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and serve with a side of couscous and maybe some yogurt for dipping,
  • I also eat them as a sandwich filling with cucumbers and tomatoes and I love hot sauce poured over them. They are also good tossed with a salad or even cut up and added like croûtons in a salad. Use tahini sauce as a dressing. Or you can serve them as a side with meat with the sauce on top or with hot sauce if it's a BBQ meal. Or server flattened falafel balls like patties with chutney and veggies as a main meal
  • It goes well with Arabic bread along with cucumbers and lettuce, tomatoes, and I like jalapenos in it too. Tahina is a necessity, but it can give you serious heartburn. When I was pregnant I substituted labna for tahina and it worked out well. Labna is like yogurt, but tastes closer to sour cream. You can find it in the Middle Eastern stores. Regular stores don't sell it. Also rice goes well with the sandwich or even some salads like fattoush or tabouleh. However French fries are the favorite among my hubby and kids.
  • I make the mother of veggie burgers with it... Falafel, hummus, grilled bell pepper, halloumi, tzatziki, harissa and beetroot topped with a sesame seed bun.
  • As a meal... rice and salad... chumus and tahina... olives and pita... . I like it in pita with tomatoes, fried potatoes and hot sauce.

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