• All VW Beetles, even Super Beetles, are Type 1 VWs. Type 2 were all the original aircooled Transporter models. Type 3 were the Squareback, Fastback and Notchback models. Type 4 were the replacements for Type 3, with the larger Type 4 engine. Karmann Ghias were called part of the Type 1 line, but were built on a Type 3 floorpan (basically). To determine parts for an older Beetle, the most important things are the year, the VIN, and whether it's a Standard or Super Beetle. Many parts are interchangeable over a wide range of years, some were used on only a fraction of a year's production. So it totally depends on what parts you're looking for. You can find many good vendors on the Internet, and I also suggest you look at some issues of the magazines "Hot VWs" and "VW Trends", of which I have a 25-year collection.

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