• Ok so in may I got my associates and my boss told me once I got my assocites I get a raise. So in June when I recieved my diploma I gave her it the day after I got it in the mail and I just recieved my raise last week 3 months after I gave her the info...She thought that the last district manager must have forgotten to approve it and we got a new district manager and she resent the inofrmation, and it somehow got done w/in 2pay checks so something seems really wrong about that...I was paitent because she said it might take some time, but almost 4 months seems a bit to long...So should I try to et retroactive pay?
  • Only you can decide that. You have no legal entitlement to a raise, so I wouldn't waste my time filing a lawsuit. However, if you are a valued employee the company will likely backdate a raise.
  • After I was promoted, it took about two months for them to make the raise kick in. All the shile I gently reminded my two highest managers ever so often about my raise not showing up. I was sure not to push the issue too hard, not wanting to cause any anger (or to make me look selfish). Then it took another few weeks for me to get my retro pay for those couple months. Just keep at it steadily, and be sure to keep your pay stubs to pint out the errors.
  • If you were promised the raise at 'x' time, and you have not received it, the best resource for you at this time is go to the human resource department of your company and ask the question. Write down in specifics what the conversations were, with whom you talked to, expectations, ect., and i think your question will be answered in full. dont be shy about asking for what you were promised, but do it professionally. We all make mistakes, and maybe your previous supervisor missed a step. good luck to you
  • No let it go - your boss is not responsible for the delay in processing.

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