• I'm already too hedonistic for depravity to have any real effect.
  • No, I would just stock up on weapons and ammunition (body armour too, if I could get some), fortify my home and stay off the streets, especially at night.
  • Aren't we all deprived as it is? So it wouldnt be any different accept people acting more stupid then ever, with no consequences.
  • I don't think I would, but lets face it I sure wouldn't trust the other guy to be the same.
  • More depraved, sure.
  • no because for me is not a matter of laws is a matter of self respect.
  • If it wasn't for physics and law enforcement, I would be unstoppable :)
  • Laws help me understand limits and expectations. They are quite useful to me as guidelines. Without them, I might be a bit depraved.
  • man survived well before laws, I think we inherently all have a somewhat similar moral compass. True some might go a little crazy without lawlessness but in reality we do not need laws to have a lawful existence.
  • I would not change. Even if there were no laws, there would still be consequences, and I think that would be deterrent enough for those who aren't civilized enough. The consequences would be from people who would seriously object to having anyone else try to take what is theirs. You would see some terrible, fatal power struggles for awhile, but then people would settle down to a more normal, civilized life, just like they used to have before all this law for the sake of law nonsense took over.
  • The weak becomes deprived and the strong will be the bullies and the stalkers. As is in the jungle there is no law, the fittest will survive.With many experience I will not allowed myself be deprived of anything, I will adapt into this world with no Laws.I will survive.
  • No. Because there ARE laws and I am depraved. So without them, I propably wouldn't be. RIght.?
  • I'm sure i'd be dead if there were no laws, so being depraved wouldn't be an issue .. lol :)
  • No. It's just not in me. I would still be on the good side and fight the good fight.
  • I woulod become more depraved.
  • Well, as most people know, what is wrong to one person isn't necessarily wrong to another. I'd probably form a cult of sorts with like minded individuals and we'd enforce our own laws and defend our own from the rest... Something like in "The Postman" maybe?
  • Without laws my life as I know it would certainly be different that's for sure!!
  • No. I know right from wrong without laws to tell me. I act according to my values, not according to laws.
  • Only if I knew I couldn't get caught. Lol.
  • Nope..too old for depravity, sweetie. I might, however, consider having a gun in the house! :) (9hugs))
  • i think youre either depraved or youre not. the lack of laws would just drop the need for subversion. i have my own moral code, regardless of laws, and i consider myself to be a good person. but i wont deny i have my mild perversions. if there were no laws at all, i might walk a little more openly on the wild side on a few things here and there (laws dont stop me now)...
  • I was going to jump right in and say "no,"...but then I realized that I'm not really sure what depravity is. I was assuming sexual only (and I don't have any abnormal urges...I don't THINK). But when I looked "depravity" up in my "New Websters Concise Dictionary: Encyclopedic Edition, 2003, I found that the definition of "depravity" is "wickedness." I went on to look up "wickedness," since, of course, that is very non-definitional. Found wicked to mean (surpisingly): evil, depraved, mischievous, rougish, troublesome, painful. So...since I am a lawyer and always splitting hairs, I would say that one man's "rougish" is another man's evil. I WOULD indeed do some of the things that are disallowed by law and consider myself a roguish (not evil) sort of human being. In my particular case, that would probably equate to smoking too much dope on the weekends, since I coul easily purchase it at the 7-11.
  • No,I'd just drive alittle faster.
  • Yes defintely I tend to need bounderys in my life..
  • LOL! If there were no laws at all... depravity as we understand it would not exist. There must be rules in place for one to be depraved enough to ignore the social consequences of breaking them. Would I myself become depraved? I suppose I would become a product of my environment. If the standard became depravity, then social norms would gradually slip. However, having lived with rules and laws all my life to date, the most stringently followed laws would be very very hard to push from memory. I wouldn't do it intentionally. But I am certain I would not behave exactly the way I do now.

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