• After this past week, I don't know of anyone's finances that AREN'T a mess! ;-)
  • Not really, but they have taken some set-backs the last year or two. Property values are not "down", but saleability is. Not that I am ready to sell anything, yet. If I was, I could not get the true value for it. So, people are "holding", now. Buyers are finding it difficult. The best market for buyers is in mortgage foreclosures. There are certainly many of those now. I don't have a mortgage. Never had one, and own my property free and clear. Unless property taxes increase, I am fine. Inflation and high energy costs are hurting everyone, of course,...except the energy corporations. They can even count on a bail-out if they flounder, least till the end of this year. It may change for them after the elections. I hope so.
  • Were a year ago, but now under a tight rein
  • Thank goodness no, but I am very frugal and make every effort to pay off credit card balances in full at the end of each month. If I have to make a major purchase I please it on a card but them find a balance transfer offer for 0% apr the first six months, etc.
  • HELL YES! I need to seriously get this crap together.
  • yes. Reached the bottom of the pit now, I think! I don't know if there is still more to go deeper or further into it. But I know I will be out of it next year!
  • Acturally no. I keep good order when it comes to money. I make sure I don't spend more than I can afford. My savings increase monthy. I have a collection of assets to fall back on if I need more cash. And I am self employed, so I pay myself pretty well.
  • No they're not. They're right there where I need them to be. I don't do extravagant shopping or go out and randomly spend money on stuff I don't need. And no I'm no cheap, I'm just smart with my money.
  • Nope. I think that's one of the good things about having a low salary. You are forced to spend on the things that really matter. There's no room for a luxurious lifestyle.
  • I can never quite get to point to where all of the leftovers of my paycheck is profit. Just when I get things paid off, or I get a raise or a bonus, something comes up. Car repairs, dental work, my wife having her hours cut. At least it's not complicated.
  • Not at all. At the beginning of June, I changed my 401K investments into interest earning account. This is safer than the markets, but doesn't earn as much usually. Right now this looks to have been a very good move. And the 2 companies that I own stock in haven't been hurt much at all.
  • Absolutely they are a mess. I am living on less than half of what I was and the savings is just about gone. To top it off, just had my hours cut at work again. Trying to find a new job and it's not going well. Single mom with two kids who will not have anything for Christmas this year unless I get some help for it. Very embarrassing and I don't see a way out!
  • Mess? In a mess? Heck, they're in the ICU ward! Had a good job, a nice Durango, very cheap rent. That was 2006. Then...Laid off, no work suited, no retraining, decided to move, didn't pan out, so am $35,000 in hole, creditors won't hassle me as am "Invisible" (They can't locate where I live now) and generally go along with life. Yes, I'll BK the suckers out, they sold the notes (Can you imagine someone paid like $100-$150 for a $11,000 note and think I'll pay them THAT?) Rotsa Ruck!!! Course, it's a legal way to gamble, pay nothing and get everything...No way hosea! They'll get NOTHING!! Oh, I bk'ed back in 1995. That taught me that living with a bk on your records, means darn little...
  • well if you class 1200 per month in and paying 980 on credit cards loans car finance ect and still got to kids and tokeep and mnth till nex pay check then yes
  • sort of, lost millions.
  • No, I am very careful about my finances
  • not at all
  • No. I've always been frugal. And I'm proud of that. Even on SSDI at less than $800/mo, I applied my stimulus to paying my rent ahead. Its paid thru the end of the year now. So basically all I have to pay is internet, phone and groceries.

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