• I'm counting on it. Although he says he still loves me, even though he is trying to make it work with his ex. Says he thinks of me everyday. Its really hard.
  • My love was unrequited.. l can say it has almost stopped... but I thought that I would be able to love that person all over again... if ever...
  • You cannot stop loving someone. Love isn't like a loaf of bread, you can't use it all up. You can change your opinion of that person, but that love will always be there. Maybe not as strong as once before. So if you were asking if an ex could start loving you again someday- they never stopped. If they tell you they don't love you now, then they didn't love you before.
  • From personal experience the answer is YES my guy went away thinking that he didn't, couldn't, wouldn't, and spent 12 years regretting what he had lost until destiny brought us back together [and in all that time i too tried to make my relationships resemble what i too had lost because i couldn't stand the loss of the only man i had ever loved] so i would never say never [ and yes we're still together 8 years on]
  • If they really loved you-really did-then you have a place in their heart. Although if it's over-it's because you weren't compatible and meant to be. Let it stay in the past and move on. No redos-life is too short. Walk toward your future.
  • Could happen but I would not expect it or wait for it. Life moves on and if we don't then we get stuck.
  • It is obviously possible but highly unlikely. I have spoken to a few people who went returned to a relationship and immediately knew it was a huge mistake. At that point it's more than a little difficult to say, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, that was a mistake, I take that back". That would then totally crush someone FOR THE SECOND TIME and right when they thought "The nightmare is over, he / she has come back to me". That is so devastating that the people I spoke with, who did that, could NOT bring themselves to back out. They stayed in a relationship they knew they didn't want for 6 months to a year before they had to hurt the person again.
  • Depends upon the motives ? try to evaluate first everything and the reasons why you should give your trust again after all.
  • Yes, of course.
  • if they stopped loving you did they love you in first place?
  • You never know.
  • if they choose to, it depends on the person since everyone is different
  • To want more would be greedy.

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