• Avoid it in the first place.
  • In walking away, you are gaining respect, and dignity right then and there. If you wanted to, you could also say before you walk away "it takes a big man to win a fight, but a bigger man, to walk away from one".
  • Don't yell and swear because then that makes you go out of control. If you try to be the bigger person and say that you should talk about it once you've both calmed down, you will feel better about yourself because of it. If you both have already gone to that point, start from there to settle down and not let it escalate anymore. Pretty much, if you are the one to stand up and do the right thing, you'll atleast feel that more control over the situation and yourself.
  • 'You sir, have insulted my honour for the last time. You big girl's blouse!' *slaps with white glove, turns on heel and strides off*
  • From what I have read here on AB, if you use the intelligence you have, you can avoid confrontations like that in the first place.
  • Well one-try to prevent fights from happening. two-when walking away, watch your back becuase he/she may try to jump you as your leaving. Should that happen, then u gotta defend yourself
  • i wouldnt fight in the first place and if i see someone fighting i might call the police

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