• It won't help you if I do your homework because I won't be there to sit your exam at the end.....come on; let's do your homework together - give us the question and we'll give you the link to where you can start working ;0)
  • Sure, if you go to work for me.
  • How much money will you be paying me to do this?
  • hey someone asked about planets and YOU told them to google it and do thier own homework?
  • C..the answer is always C or is it A..wait's D..ah heck..oh wait. wrong's 1987
  • Someone threatened to report me and babbling about getting PB'd for one answer I did on telling someone that it wouldn't help them if I told them the answer.
  • No, but you can try this link. http://Icantbebotheredtoevenusegooglebymyself.Internetstrangerswillyoudomyhomeworkforme?.com/
  • Oh yes please I am gagging to do your homework for you, but most of all I like to answer people's interview questions because if there's one thing better than not thinking for yourself, its not thinking for yourself whilst applying for a job using somebody else's work history. Honest.

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