• There is only one meaningful answer to this question, given all the variables that must be considered: You must contact Cadillac and find out how many V-16's were produced. Customer Assistance phone numbers and addresses can be found here: Then you must track down all the owners of this vehicle and find out how long their vehicles lasted and how many miles they were driven. Cadillac may also be able to help you with this, depending on whether or not they still have information in their records for contacting owners for recalls. When you have that information, simply add up all the years each vehicle lasted and divide by the total number of these vehicles that were produced. Or, for milage, add up all the miles each vehicle was driven over it’s lifetime and divide that by the total number of vehicles that were produced. However, there is another twist to this particular issue. It is unclear whether you mean the Cadillac V-16 automobile or the Cadillac V-16 engine. The V-16 automobile was produced from 1930 to 1940, for a total of 11 production years. However, since the name is a tribute to the V-16 engine that powered it, we also have to consider this as well. Cadillac produced one model of V-16 engine for the 1930 to 1937 production years. A second model was produced for the 1938 to 1940 production years. They also attempted to produce a V-16 in later years, but this flopped and none went into production, so they don't count. The same principles apply for figuring the average life expectancy of the automobiles or engines, you just have to split your data up according to the production years for the qutomobiles or the engines, however you wish. This will give you the average life expectancy for these vehicles OR the engines in terms of years or miles.

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