• Most of my clothes are in my closet hanging on their hangers. The dirty clothes are in the hamper.
  • Most are clean, and put away. I'm a huge clean freak, I don't like stuff laying around, and I also don't enjoy having little choice for what to wear, so laundry is pretty regular.
  • 99.9% clean and put away, as I just did more laundry last night.
  • mostly cleaned and put away
  • Tomorrow is laundry day. I would say 2/3 are hanging or in drawers, 1/3 is in the hamper. None is on the floor.
  • Either in the dryer or in my drawer
  • All of the Above;)!!
  • I have a dirtly clothes pile beside my side of the bed. sometimes i wash everything. often i just do underwear and socks. or when i run out of shirts, then i do shirts, too. i wear my pants for a whole week. and the same for the same pair of socks. no one notices. no one comments. no one really cares. i change my shirt daily. i wear the same shoes day after day. and i wear a hat all the time. even indoors.
  • I'm keeping up with my laundry pretty well lately. I have some in the washer right now, the rest is either put away or sorted and ready to be washed.
  • I am a tidy girl. Tomorrow is Laundry Day. We have a door leading from the dining area to the garage, which is where our washer/dryer live. The laundry basket is full..nothing on the floor..what's clean is in the closet or drawers and the stuff that needs to be washed is waiting patiently in the garage for my attention, which will be tomorrow morning when Jim goes out to play tennis and I get to do laundry and play on AB! Oh happy day! :) ((hugs))
  • good question :) im normally quite good at laundry...had a bad week tho exrremely buzy and tired, and unfortunatly the clothes has been put to the bottom of the list, theres always been something more important, so i got back in 2 it last nite, so i have 2 loads hung up (will be folded when i get in from work) and an over flowing (small) basket, with the odd thing-like pjs on the floor...
  • As my husband has just been stationed in Germany, my clothes are in three places right now - one, in a suitcase destined for my a visit to my parents' house, two, in a huge clean pile in a laundry basket, or three, in boxes in every available corner of my home.

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