• i definatly do. i think that that's where i fail the most. there's this one girl i've been in love with for three years now, and i finally got the courage to tell her, i even planned what i was going to say and everything, and when we started talking i fumbled, and she broke my heart. funy thing is that i still love her with all the pieces.
  • The right words are words from the heart. As such .. i find it very easy to find them and say them :)
  • So, I'm not alone. If it's my kids, mom, or siblings I actually have no problems but a romantic love? Tough one. There are issues behind it of course. It's something that hasn't happened very often in my life but many emotions kick in and my head spins like BeetleJuice. The hair on my head stands up and smoke blows out of my ears. Pretty damned uncomfortable. Hahaha! It wouldn't be that the feelings weren't there, it's sort of a "deer in the headlights" moment.
  • Better to keep quiet and show the is cheap! :)
  • Try,I love you!!!! works everytime
  • It's easy for me. I just tell them "I love you" and smile at them. If they reject me, then that's too bad for them as they missed out.
  • Me. I do. It has always been hard to bare my soul to another. It's like I'm afraid they will not treat it gently. I don't say it often, but am learning to do it more often.
  • Yes, so I usually write it down, and tell them as simply as possible.
  • I DO!!!! oh my god, my boyfriend told me he loved me and i just melted into his chest, my face was red and i just couldn't look him in the eye!!! I love him too, and it took me a few days to say it back and we were in bed in complete darkness when i built up the courage to say it back.
  • I rather he looks at my eyes and see it all. My eyes are an open book and I am sure everyone can easily read what I am thinking of!!!
  • Me I'd rather write the words 'I love you' down than actually say them
  • who needs words? Just follow her around naked in a trench coat all day long and keep flashing her while shes at work. she'll get the message. lol Im just kidding by the way. PS the best way to tell a guy you love him is to cook him a good dinner. (just an fyi)
  • Not me. I've told countless numbers of women that I love them. It's easier for them to justify jumping in to bed with me if they can claim they thought it was love. We all know it's a lie, but sometimes people need to be able to check certain things off their list.
  • Today, I do.

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