• they will still do everything. A male rabbit doesn't care. the female might. i had a brother sister pair when i started out with rabbits, got told they were both girls. the male tried to mount her when they turned 6 months old. the female didnt alow him too. get one of them sprayed or neutered if your going to keep them together. hope this helped
  • Rabbits don't care if they are related,. They don't know what that means. They will mate and mate and it will be a terrible thing for siblings to do as it could mean dead babies or some with genetic abnormalities. Better to get your rabbits spayed and neutered and they will be able to live together and not not have kits and live much longer. When you spay a doe, she is much less likely to get cancer in a few years. And they will be much sweeter pets, too. But you cannot keep any rabbits, even the same sex rabbits together as the risk of fighting is always there once they get sexually mature.
  • they might

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