• Yes. I don't believe in my personal premonitions.
  • Maybe... :)
  • Been there done that... I hate flying...
  • I guess so. Plane tickets are expensive.
  • With THAT being one of my worst fears, NO I would not make the flight (tho' I have vowed to never fly again, anyway). I know all the statistics and such, but I just do not like flying.
  • Well, maybe... I'd be really surprised if I had such a dream though... I'm a pilot and know the odds are I'm more likely to die driving to the airport.
  • Wow, that is a tuffy. I would tell my husband about my fears, and we would decide together what we should do. So my official answer is I don't know, because I would have to assess the particular dream before making the decision.
  • I probably would. I don't really have the money to not go, if I'd bought the tickets.
  • "The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself" quote by Franklin Roosevelt My answer is yes.
  • Yes. I love traveling, and not even any fear/nightmare of a plane crash could stop me from traveling. Besides, I'm gonna die anyway. It could be because of old age, disease, etc. If I'm gonna die, I would love to die doing what I love doing :)
  • Through out my life I have had many nightmares and I may never know why. These nightmares in the past did not come true for me. However there were dreams/nightmares recorded in the Bible which came true. In these we know for sure because God in His sovereignty used them to inform or to warn His people concerning impending eventualities and they must take heed. So after reviewing above I would still take the flight with the full understanding that nothing would befall me unless God allows it. In analogy I would still drive or take into a vehicle even though the night before I might have had a nightmare about a bad car accident.
  • ™«â™ªâ™« I don't think soooo ♫♪♫
  • Im not sure because I have had personal and non-personal premonitions that have come true. Also it may have been a sign from god that I shouldn't get on that plane. I wouldn't go on it and see what happens and if I decide to go on a different plane and it happens again I would never go on a plane again
  • Yes, for you can't escape destiny, and I know where I am going.
  • Yes. I may also have a bad dream about the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man, but I'm still gonna eat smores!
  • I have never been on a plane before but probably not. Why take the chance? I always say trust your instincts.

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