• Consider the fact that blondes love tanning, I luv Sasuke. Tanning bakes your brains as well as your skin. Baked brains leads to dumb people!
  • I have a beautiful blond daughter, she is smart, 4.0 gpa , has a great job, but honestly, I love that girl with my heart and soul,but she has no common sense, none. I hope that made some sense. She's been teased all her life for this, but I always tell her she has no common sense. Many intellegent people don't. Thier too busy, too much goin' on in their heads. My blondes not dumb:( Just busy:)
  • These negative attitudes are usually directed towards blonde women. I think this public perception was influenced by blondes portrayed in a ditzy manner by actresses. Media has had such a huge impact on the shaping of societal perception of people. But the celluloid depiction is certainly not real life. There are just as many intelligent blondes as there are not as intelligent. They follow the bell curve of intelligence like everyone else in this world. Personally, I think blonde jokes are misogynstic. If you are prone to telling them I would check in the mirror to see if you are either a patronizing, sexist male or a jealous female.
  • Blondes from Europ (namely Poles) came as immigrants to America. When they came they didn't understand the customs and had their own strange way of doing things (as with many races). However Pollock jokes soon followed and when those were considered too offensive they were changed to 'dumb blonde' jokes.
  • because one day along time ago they smoked pot in a closet and had bill clinton affairs
  • Most blondes are bottle blondes. Consider that. I don't mind telling dumb bottle blonde jokes : ) 99% of the bottle blondes I know either are or are simply acting really dumb ( I mean REALLY dumb). The natural blondes I know (which are few) are very intelligent.
  • It's nothing more than a joke.
  • Blondes are as smart as brunettes.

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